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All Classes: Flipboard

Flipboard lets you curate your own magazine online based on the content of other magazines.  I think it is rad and you better as well.

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Flipboard This lets you build your own magazine out of other magazine content.  It’s rad.

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All Classes: Study Blue Flash Cards

People who find Quizlet really helpful — or maybe not so helpful — should consider Study Blue.  It’s another take on flash cards that offers a few other neat little … Continue reading

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All Classes: Movie Trailer Breakdowns at Wired

There’s fantastic stuff at Wired.com (and in its latest issue) all about movie trailers.  Some really fantastic tips to be learned from the masters.  Get there and make sure you … Continue reading

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All Classes: National Geographic Archive is Hyper Rad

This link takes you to an article from Wired all about National Geographic’s pretty much amazing Tumblr of unpublished images from its archive.  There are some seriously cool and and … Continue reading

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9 CPI: Final Readings Posted

For the final, you will want to have read these selections prior to coming. This little packet (posted on the Google Drive) includes: * Two pages from Romeo & Juliet from Act … Continue reading

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PACE: Preparing for the Final and Wrapping Up the Year

We are nearly at the end of this particular journey and the final exam in PACE English reflect that ending. While we’ve discussed it in class a number of times, … Continue reading

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9 CPI: DEJs for the Final

Double Entry Journals are part of our common assessments in the ninth grade, so they are part of your final. For this work, you need to complete a grand total … Continue reading

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All Classes: Mine of Steel

No matter what we end up for machines in the fall, know that you have the capacity to make great things. Like this.

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Humanities: Learning to Love You More and The End of the Year

Learning to Love You More lands on May 30th as we create a massive installation in the Food Court that people can witness before attending the final concert of the … Continue reading

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