9 CPI: DEJs for the Final

Double Entry Journals are part of our common assessments in the ninth grade, so they are part of your final.

For this work, you need to complete a grand total of six DEJs before coming to the final.

2 on Characterization

2 on Point of View

2 on Theme

A DEJ consists of finding a brief passage from a reading and then a paragraph of analysis where you explain how the creator/author/director uses the technique/device you are discussing.

I’ve posted an example of two characterization DEJs from Of Mice & Men.  We created these during period 1.

Since you have to turn in the computers on June 7th, create your DEJs on Google docs so you can access them from any computer even after the 7th.

When you come to your final, you will have to write 3 DEJs over the short story you will be assigned.  You will have to do these by hand.  Think of these first six as practice leading up to those.

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