PACE: Preparing for the Final and Wrapping Up the Year

We are nearly at the end of this particular journey and the final exam in PACE English reflect that ending.

While we’ve discussed it in class a number of times, I had not yet put it here on the blog. That was my bad.

Three parts to our final, two take home portions and one in-class.

1. Essay

Compose an essay in which you discuss what you have learned about others this year, yourself, and education.  Use the analytical rubrics as your guide for assessment.

2. Project

Create any product to demonstrate your thoughts on PACE this year.  What have you learned?  What will you take away from this experience?  What changes would you have made?  What changes would you make yourself?  How can you best illustrate that in a project?  Try your best to consider the total PACE experience, thinking all the way back into the end of last year and right through today. Challenge yourself to embrace both your emotional side and your rational side as you do this.  Ask yourself as you create, “Am I capturing it in a way that I think will feel as honest and true six weeks from now as it does today?”  And also ask yourself as you create, “Am I capturing it in a way that feels like my words and thoughts on the subject?”

3. In class Discussion

We will conclude our final with a graded in-class discussion (4 contributions to earn a ‘A’) during which you will also be sharing your final products.

Other things to remember:

I will accept revisions and work all the way up to June 14.  Can’t take it past that date, but everything leading up to that? Go for it.  The more you can keep me inform of your process, the better I can plan and help you with your work.

Key assignments for Quarter 4:

Poetry collection and analytical essay

I Am Hero Project

I am Hero/Pitch to Product Analytical Essay

Pitch to Product Project

I Am Hero Organizers

Flocabulary Lists #1 and #2 – Exercises

Please, please, please, please return your books to me.  There are Writer’s Inc books, Hunger Games, Ulysses & more in circulation.  With so many people in different directions, I lost track.  So please, I’m really begging folks to find their books and get them in to me.  We really don’t have the funds to replace them for future students.

Last thing: If you have a work you have been just dying to revise — from any point in the year for English — and you are willing/wanting to put in the energy to revise it.  Do so.  End the year on your terms, showcasing your talent and knowledge to the fullest.

I will make it worth your time.


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