Humanities: The Constitution & Boston

Today we pulled together the parts and pieces of Monday and Tuesday into something bigger.  

We started with a quick review of the issues that the U.S. Constitution addresses by looking at the document Mr. Dunbar distributed Tuesday and identifying which amendments connect to those issues.

Then we took a look at this video featuring coverage of the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspects.  We identified the amendments with clear connections to this event and this news broadcast in particular.


Look at the 27 Amendments to the Constitution. Which 3 or 4 of them are the most relevant to your life? Why are they the most relevant? Post the answers to those questions to your blog.  Due Friday, 4/26

Flocabulary SAT #1: QUiz and Exercises/Word Castles due next Thursday, 5/2

Get ready for Thursday – project share and the start of Little Brother!

9 CPI: Point of View & Boston

Today in class we start by looking at Flocabulary.  We are working on SAT #1: Transformation.  Take a few minutes to explore the tools available to you to study.  And remember that there is a quiz and exercises due next Thursday

Then we will watch the video I posted on the blog yesterday.   It’s incredibly powerful. You will blog your reactions to the video — I’m very curious to hear what you have to say about it.  (I think you know what I’d say.)

After lunch we will break into two groups.  One group will start looking at point of view,  the other will look at point of view/characterization/symbolism all together.

We will explore them by looking at these videos related to the Boston bombings.

Video #1: Fox News Discusses Connection Between Bombings and Gun Control 

Video #2: CBS News Provides an Update on the Manhunt


Tolerance Projects – DUE FRIDAY!

Flocabulary #1: Quiz and Word Castles/Exercises Due NEXT Thursday!

Humanities: Exploring the Constitution

Today, the internet did us in.  Again.  It is getting quite frustrating.  We soldiered on, however, and accomplished quite a bit regardless.

Vocabulary:  Flocabulary!  It begins now and runs through the end of the year.   (We have a free trial available to us and we want to try it out.)  We are going to be working with the SAT program on here, starting with SAT #1: Transformation.  Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder think this could be a pretty powerful way to learn a bunch of vocab in a hurry.  We will be doing a pre-test today and then you can measure that against what you get on the actual quiz.

There will be a quiz next Thursday on these twenty words.  Instead of Word Castles, you may choose to complete the Exercises you can download from the site.  (You don’t have to complete both of the crossword puzzles listed.)

The log-in information was up on the board.  Ask us and we can tell you.  (It’s easy to remember.)

Constitution:  We broke into about ten groups to explore the United States Constitution.  In light of what happened in Boston last week and in Newtown a few months ago, the Constitution is under tremendous scrutiny  right now.  And there’s more issues coming up every day it seems.

So . . . we need to better understand it.

Your group was assigned three amendments and then followed these steps:

1) Read your amendments.  Make a list of all of the words you don’t know.

2) Look at this list of issues related to the Constitution.   Connect your amendments to the issues listed here.

We will be digging into this even further on Wednesday and making connections to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Remember, you also have homework from Monday due on Wednesday.


Find two articles/videos, one full of reliable information about the Marathon Bombings, one full of unreliable information.

Post both links on your blog and then complete the three text connections — text to text, text to self, text to world – for that reliable article.  We’ll be looking at what people posted on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we will have our big project share from Speak.  Should be quite exciting to see what everyone has done.

Flocabulary #1 – work and quiz next Thursday, 5/3

Humanities: Speak Wrap & Boston

We have some things to finalize around our Speak unit and then our attention turns to Boston, the events that unfolded last week, and how they may relate to our next unit.  It’s eerie how connected all of this becomes.

We’ll start with finishing our self-assessments on the Speak projects.

Then we will blog.  The topic?  Discuss the contributions you personally made to the success of your group’s/your own Speak project.  Be specific and clear.  Help tell the story of your involvement so Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder truly get it.

After that, we will be looking into the events of the past week in Boston and trying to uncover the facts, the truths, and the challenge of figuring out just what happened.   We will be going online and looking for articles that can be relied upon for information and articles that seem to be misleading or biased.

Homework tonight?

Complete your self-assessment for Speak, the project, and any of those outstanding graphic organizers. Due IMMEDIATELY.

Find two articles/video stories about the events in Boston, one you believe to be highly reliable, and one you think is full of bias, opinion, and potentially misinformation.

For the reliable one, make three text connections: text to self, text to text and text to world.  Need a refresher on those connections?  Go here.

This is due Wednesday.