Humanities: Characterization in Songs & Film Trailers

Today in Humanities, we start with and working on To/Too/Two/Then/Than Assignment #3.  There will be a quiz on Friday.

From there, we will look at how songs and film trailers demonstrate the various methods of characterization we’ve been discussing (actions/reactions, thoughts/dialogue, direct description, affect on other characters) as well as the elements of cultural anthropology we’ve identified (values, beliefs, family, socioeconomics).

The film trailers and songs we are using can be accessed in two ways.  One is to look at the TKaM Project Example Google Doc here.  (This is the bigger list.)

The other is to check out this playlist from YouTube.

You will be completing this graphic organizer about characterization and cultural anthropology in film and song.

This organizer is due on Friday.

Reminder:  The screenshot analysis organizer is due Thursday along with Roots #12.

Humanities: TKaM Project Intro & Analyzing TKaM the Film

We did a great deal today, even though it felt like a lot of sit and get.  We prepared for the Roots #12 quiz on Thursday, learned about one of the new options for courses next year (PACE 10), learned about the next big project, and started analyzing still frames from To Kill a Mockingbird.

To study for Roots #12 Quiz on Thursday, everyone had to describe one of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird in terms of their values, beliefs, family and socioeconomic status using root-based words.  The roots can be found on the Roots 11 & 12 Quizlet.  

Mr. Dunbar briefly introduced the new TKaM/Tolerance Project.  The rubric and description can be found by going here.  We will be working on this in class and explaining the explanation in more detail during the week.  It will not be due until at least a week after break.

And finally for work, Mr. Warren (Mr. Ryder’s practicum) assigned this TKaM Film Technique, Themes graphic organizer to complete for Thursday.  In order to fill out each section, you need to use one of the screenshots in the Google Drive TKAM Screenshots folder.  The first one has been completed as an example. We’ll have time to discuss and answer questions about this one in class on Wednesday.  It is tough, challenging work.


Complete the TKaM Film Technique Themes graphic organizer for Thursday

Study for Roots 12 and complete Word Castles for Thursday

Today we also  talked about PACE 10, a 4-credit course you can take next year for the first time – EVER.  Well . . . sorta.  This year a group of sophomores have been piloting a class where the same group of students take all four core classes together —  CP English, biology, geometry and social studies.  The pilot has gone well enough that we’d like to offer it again next year with a couple of key changes — changes that actually help Humanities students.

Similar to Humanities, PACE will meet every day for two periods, with two teachers in each period.  One period  will be English/biology, the other period will be social studies/math.

One goal of the course is to help students see how learning is interconnected, such as how understanding history can help you with math and vice versa.  The bigger goal of the course is to help students to learn to the best of their abilities based on what they most need as individuals to succeed.

The first quarter will be focused on teaching students how to take more responsible for their own learning, how to design assignments and understand the curriculum you are expected to learn over the course of the year.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters will then focus on students designing projects and assessments that best appeal to their strengths, while also getting instruction in the ways of learning that work best for them.  It will be the first full experience of this program, so it will be a little fuzzy and messy at times.  But it should be exciting and interesting.  Any questions should be directed to Mr. Ryder — he’ll be the English teacher for PACE.