9 CPI: Final Readings Posted

For the final, you will want to have read these selections prior to coming.

This little packet (posted on the Google Drive) includes:

* Two pages from Romeo & Juliet from Act 2, scene 2 a.k.a. The Balcony Scene

* Two pages from To Kill a Mockingbird where Scout and Atticus are sitting on the porch after Scout has had a rough day at school

* Three pages from Of Mice & Men where Lennie is talking to Crooks, the African-American stable buck (tends the horses and gear)

* An article from Wired magazine about people making their own apps to solve interesting problems

* An article from Wired magazine about Pinterest and social media and the sorts of things that gain popularity on social media

Make sure you bring the packet with you to the final.

At the final you will write three DEJs, one on theme, one on characterization, and one on point of view.

You will also do a set of text connections (text to text, text to world, text to self)

And then we will have a graded class discussion.

BRING your five paragraph essay about what you have learned about yourself, others, and English this year to the final.  You will probably not have time to write that in class.  (It should have a hook intro and a solid thesis, strong details in the three body paragraphs, and a “so what?” conclusion

PACE: Preparing for the Final and Wrapping Up the Year

We are nearly at the end of this particular journey and the final exam in PACE English reflect that ending.

While we’ve discussed it in class a number of times, I had not yet put it here on the blog. That was my bad.

Three parts to our final, two take home portions and one in-class.

1. Essay

Compose an essay in which you discuss what you have learned about others this year, yourself, and education.  Use the analytical rubrics as your guide for assessment.

2. Project

Create any product to demonstrate your thoughts on PACE this year.  What have you learned?  What will you take away from this experience?  What changes would you have made?  What changes would you make yourself?  How can you best illustrate that in a project?  Try your best to consider the total PACE experience, thinking all the way back into the end of last year and right through today. Challenge yourself to embrace both your emotional side and your rational side as you do this.  Ask yourself as you create, “Am I capturing it in a way that I think will feel as honest and true six weeks from now as it does today?”  And also ask yourself as you create, “Am I capturing it in a way that feels like my words and thoughts on the subject?”

3. In class Discussion

We will conclude our final with a graded in-class discussion (4 contributions to earn a ‘A’) during which you will also be sharing your final products.

Other things to remember:

I will accept revisions and work all the way up to June 14.  Can’t take it past that date, but everything leading up to that? Go for it.  The more you can keep me inform of your process, the better I can plan and help you with your work.

Key assignments for Quarter 4:

Poetry collection and analytical essay

I Am Hero Project

I am Hero/Pitch to Product Analytical Essay

Pitch to Product Project

I Am Hero Organizers

Flocabulary Lists #1 and #2 – Exercises

Please, please, please, please return your books to me.  There are Writer’s Inc books, Hunger Games, Ulysses & more in circulation.  With so many people in different directions, I lost track.  So please, I’m really begging folks to find their books and get them in to me.  We really don’t have the funds to replace them for future students.

Last thing: If you have a work you have been just dying to revise — from any point in the year for English — and you are willing/wanting to put in the energy to revise it.  Do so.  End the year on your terms, showcasing your talent and knowledge to the fullest.

I will make it worth your time.


9 CPI: Work To Be Done & Final Preview (You Might Want to Get Started)

Five paragraph essays, tolerance projects, social network profiles & interviews, Flocabulary and blogs.  There are a lot of zeroes in the books at the moment.  Let’s get this work done and end the year strong.

1. Five Paragraph Essay: Place of Significance (Same rubric as Person of Significance; Write about a place or places this time)

Due: Wednesday, May 29th.  We will have a workshop time available on today and Friday for those who would like to take advantage.

2. Social Network Profiles & Interviews

Past Due: Monday, May 17th.

Parts of that project you need to make sure you complete:

  • STEAL interview organizers (Interview subjects and consider what you learn about them from their speech, their thoughts, the effect they seem to have on others, their actions, and their looks)
  • Practicum student profile pages (Take those interviews and create social network profile pages based on that information; do your best to create those pages from their points of view rather than your own — it should feel like they are the ones that made it — very personal, very specific; the elements of your class’ social network are in your inboxes)
  • Final profile page (of someone you see everyday but do not know well) (Same as practicum pages, but for that one other interview and an example of your best possible work)

When most folks have this in, I have another piece of the work that needs to be completed.  Without the profiles, done, though it won’t mean much to do that final piece of work.

3. Flocabulary Exercises & Retakes

Past Due: May 20th &  May 2nd (and April 9 for Roots 11)

Remember: You can retake any vocabulary quiz as long as you study and show me evidence of that studying

Today’s magic number? Zero.  That number is the number of people who have chosen to retake a vocab quiz this year.

4. Tolerance Project

Past Due: April 24

Some folks have gotten parts and pieces of this project done.  Missing self assessments from many folks.

5. Blogs.

This is the last week of blogging.  That gives you a couple of weeks to get caught up.  Use your blog to help you get your other work done.  Post drafts of your essay.  Self assess your tolerance project in a blog post.  Try using your Flocabulary words in a post.  So many ways to keep your blogging relevant and avoid making it feel like added “busy” work.   (If it feels like busy work, it is because you have made the choice to treat it as such.)

AND ….

The Final

The final will have four equally weighted components:

1) Read and respond – text connections and double entry journals

You will receive a reading the week before the final. Come to class having read it and be prepared to make text connections and complete double entry journals over it.

2) Graded class discussion – we will discuss the year in review; to meet the standard you must make two meaningful contributions to the conversation; to exceed you must make three. You will also be sharing your final PBL products during this time.

3) Five paragraph essay – In a five paragraph essay, discuss what you learned about yourself, others, and English this year.  You do not have to limit yourself to what you learned about others in this class or about yourself in this class.  Think about yourself as a freshman.  The rubric will be the same as for the Person and Place of Significance essays.

Write this before you come to class.  You will not have time in class to write a meaningful, powerful essay that meets or exceeds the standards.

4) Project Based Project of Your Choice

Just like in the fall, choose a topic of interest to you, develop an essential question, and create a product that demonstrates the answer to that essential question.