All Classes: Flipboard

Flipboard lets you curate your own magazine online based on the content of other magazines.  I think it is rad and you better as well.
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All Classes: Movie Trailer Breakdowns at Wired


There’s fantastic stuff at (and in its latest issue) all about movie trailers.  Some really fantastic tips to be learned from the masters.  Get there and make sure you access all the great links down the left hand side.  (I really dig the breakdown of the new Wolverine film and how its trailer campaign rolled out.)

Humanities: Learning to Love You More and The End of the Year

Learning to Love You More lands on May 30th as we create a massive installation in the Food Court that people can witness before attending the final concert of the music department.

The rubric for your individual contribution is here.

Besides Learning to Love You More, you may have some past due work to get in. This includes:

Remember, we have also laid out the expectations for the final

The final will include :

  • Reading and Responding (text connections and double entry journals)
  • Graded Class Discussion
  • Five Paragraph Essay (what you learned about yourself and others this year)
  • Media Product (create any product you like to demonstrate what you have learned about Humanities this year)

Remember, you will not have your laptops after June 6.  (You have to turn them in during the day on June 7.)

That gives you about two weeks from now to work digitally.


Humanities: Impromptu Music Appreciation Day

Today we had planned to talk about Little Brother, the challenges of weighing privacy vs safety, and the ways in which one can take action when one disagrees with authority.

And we did that for a little while when it became apparent that people didn’t know who Bruce Springsteen is, or Fleetwood Mac, or Ani DiFranco, or Bob Dylan, or Nirvana, or Pearl Jam.

We sought to rectify this in the last 20 minutes or so of class today.


Little Brother organizers (1 – 6) are due on Friday

Flocabulary #2: Shakespeare is Hip Hop – Quiz next Thursday – Exercises due next Thursday

Learning to Love You More  – 7 assignments and accompanying artist statements due May 30th.

Don’t forget to turn in your essay that was due this past Monday


Humanities: Learning to Love You More, Little Brother and DEJs

Today will feature a bunch of different work in Humanities, so get ready.  It’s going to be a heckuva ride.

To start with, take a look at this PDF that is now in your Google Drive.  It is a collection from the last Learning to Love You More installation at Mt. Blue.

We will have two different teacher guided sessions.

In one session, folks will continue the work they started yesterday with Learning to Love You More and continue to organize those assignments into the sorts of thinking required.

In the other session, folks will look at how to create effective DEJs and discuss Little Brother.  We will also do a little reading out loud of the current chapters you should be on.

After those two sessions, you will have time to study Flocabulary #2: Shakespeare is Hip Hop, work on Little Brother organizers (All due Friday the 17th), and work on Learning to Love You More assignments (Remember, you need to complete 7 of them and complete the artist statements that explain each piece.)