AP Lit: Joyce’s “The Dead” – Day One

Wednesday, October 24th, Joyce’s “The Dead” was the story du jour.  Actually, it was only the first day of what will be a two day event.

We discussed theme, symbolism, and the cool thing that lives in-between the two — motif.  And from there we started a close reading in the Food Court.  It was a bit challenging as every idea discussed bred more ideas and new ideas and we were a bit all over the place.

The first blog entry was assigned: If you were to make a film version of “The Dead” what would it look like?  Include at least three links to other online material to support your ideas.

People seemed rather stoked about that.

Friday we will be discussing “The Dead” in relation to other stories in Dubliners.  Friday will have a tighter, more directed focus as the discussion, while not bad, didn’t yield as much substance as it might’ve.

Motif is a challenging idea and it needs time, and specifics, to really sink in.

AP Lit: The Boarding House & Joyce

On Tuesday, October 16, we absolutely devastated Joyce’s “The Boarding House” and uncovered meaning we doubt Joyce even realized was there.  We close read and annotated the story using Diigo.  

We didn’t get an opportunity to workshop the Frankliners stories.  That is the central work for Thursday in class.  (We did get to see more of Joyce’s style in action, however, and that should inform the writing.)