PACE: Anti-Heroes, Byronic Heroes and Everything Else

Today time was spent looking at variations on heroes by examining the concept of the anti-hero and the concept of the Byronic hero.

An example and explanation of the Byronic Hero can be found here.

The Anti-Hero is explained in a great TED-Ed video.



I Am Hero Week 3 Organizer due today

Flocabulary list #2 – actually gets introduced next week when the internet should be working better

Pitch to Product self-assessment for the group – due by Friday

I Am Hero project – Due Next Friday

Heroic Adventure next Wednesday – Please get yourselves blue slips completed.  We will be leaving on the FTC Bus at appx 7:30.



PACE: Flocabulary Quizzes, Heroes, Self-Assessments, MLTI Trips & More

We have piles and piles and mounds and mounds of talking and learning to do on Tuesday.  Hold on to your hats.  (That is, if you are wearing hats.)

We’ve got a couple of business matters to which we must attend.

One regards our outdoors-ing on May 2nd.  Something is going to happen.  We will be outside.   We will be off-campus.  Where is still yet to be determined — I’ve got multiple ideas.  You will be back for post 2 o’clock-ness.

The second regards what could be a fantastic opportunity for you folks as individuals — as well as a class.  The MLTI Student Conference is happening at Orono on Thursday, May 16.  It’s a pretty amazing event that has expanded from its original beginnings as being focused on middle schoolers to really being about the power of technology to improve learning all over the place.  Just look at what is happening during the two sessions at the conference.   This year has a HUGE emphasis on getting next year’s juniors and seniors involved in the UMaine e-learning program where you can take online classes to earn college credits.  I think this could be mighty powerful opportunity for everyone.

We wouldn’t be returning until late afternoon (around 5 o’clock).   There is an away track meet that day at Leavitt, but no other sports besides practice as far as I could tell.

Darcy Dunphy, our tech coordinator, has offered to pay the $15 per person registration fee so that we could go IF we can secure funds for the bus.  (I’m working on that as well.)

It’s an all day event, it would be meeting with kids from all over the state, it would be learning some really cool things and opening up some ideas for the future for each of you.  I need a sense of who would like to go by Wednesday if not sooner so I can deal with some real numbers.  I know this is all of a sudden, but it sorta landed in my lap on Monday morning and it felt worth pursuing even this late.

The third is the author visit.  The books have arrived.  If you’d like to read it, you can borrow a copy.  The turnaround needs to be quick  so we can get as many out around the building as possible.  Man . . . it is sooooo good.  I’ve got a handful for us.  I’m sending a handful to the Civil Rights Team.  Mrs. Deraps has a bunch in circulation.  A bunch of teachers are reading it.  Exciting stuff.  Tuesday, May 21st is gonna be a big deal.

The fourth is the projects that were due before break.  Looking forward to seeing these final products.  You will treat the self-assessment as a group.  I need a single self-assessment and I need it by this Friday.  (Here’s what’s coming in a couple of weeks — after you complete the I Am Hero project, you will choose from either one of these two projects to write a five-paragraph analytical essay on your process.  You can start on that now if you like — it could make for great blogging material.)

Then . . . .

I Am Hero rubric.  It is live.  The project rubric is live and aligns completely with what we have been discussing and exploring in class — I think.  I’m excited about what you come up with for these.  The I Am Hero project is due next Friday.

Speaking of I Am Hero, the third graphic organizer is up and in the Google Drive.  I shared it with you through the Google Drive.

Matt found this sweet video of the heroic cycle and comparisons on TED-Ed.   Go Matt.

We should talk helpers and amulets today as well.  That’s the focus of organizer #3 that is due on Friday.  And we will discuss mythologies, the constructions of them, the development of them.

On Thursday, I’d like to take a look at anti-heroes and Byronic heroes — the heroes that don’t fit our traditional definitions and the mythologies that get built around them.

When we come back from lunch, we’ll take the Flocabulary #1 quiz.  Boom.

It’s a lot.  I know.  AND . . . here is the breakdown in a schedule format.

Due Dates:

  • Flocabulary #1 Graphic Organizer work – Due Today
  • Pitch to Product – Self Assessment (1 per group) – Due Friday 4/27
  • I Am Hero Graphic Organizer #3 – Due Friday 4/27
  • Heroic Journey – Wednesday 5/2
  • I Am Hero Project – Due Monday 5/6
  • Project Work Analytical Essay – Working Draft – Due Friday 5/10 for Workshopping
  • Blogging.  Keep It Up. This is Week #3.  Draft on it.  Brainstorm.  Shape ideas.




PACE: Mythology, Heroic Cycles, Hunger Games & Ulysses

We begin our look at mythology by getting some foundational knowledge of the term from our good friend Deepak Chopra, the fine people at TED, and the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation.

These three videos to a fantastic job of laying out just what we mean when we talk about mythology.  I think Chopra’s definitions are beautifully succinct and demonstrate the magnitude of relevance here. I love what Pattanaik does in terms of comparison, helping us to see the differences between the east and the west and clarify why cultural clashes exist AND show why it would be so easy to just relax and let one another be AND why people don’t.  And Meade’s definition makes that much more sense when you consider what Pattanaik has to say.

Flipped classroom?  Almost.  Should’ve had this stuff for you folks to watch over the weekend.

After watching all of Chopra, some of Pattanaik, and all of Meade, we will discuss and then you’ll likely be off to eat lunch.

After lunch, we pick up our work with the monomyth and the heroic cycle.   Last week we did a hurried little simulation in our hallways.  Today the weather is perfect so to the cross country trails we go to create heroic journeys.  Bring cell phones, cycles, cameras and imagination.


  • This week, you have the 2nd lit circle graphic organizer to complete.  (The first one is due today.) This one focuses on the call to adventure, crossing the threshold.  The next will focus on on helpers and amulets.  The fourth will focus on the flight and return.
  • You also have the Pitch to Product project due at the end of this week.
  • Flocabulary SAT 1: Transformation work is due on Friday
  • And I Am Hero is due May 6.  Yes, that may seem a long ways off, but it will be here before you know it when you consider we have a week of break in there.


PACE: Pitches into Products & More

We’ve got a new rubric: Pitches into Projects

There are several elements to this rubric that will be covered in the next couple of weeks, mythology and evolution chief among them.

Today, the goal is to work, work, work on those trailers and chapters ahead of getting started with Hunger Games & Adventures of Ulysses literature circles on Wednesday.  At the heart of this work will be two essential questions:

1) To what extent has heroism evolved over time?

2) How does a story grow into a mythology?

Wednesday we begin the journey of answering those two questions.