Humanities: Speak, Theme & Brand New’s “Sic Transit Gloria”

Today we wrangle with theme and the song, “Sic Transit Gloria,” by Brand New

The lyrics can be found here.

Thematic Ideas  vs.  Thematic Statements


Our fears keep us from acting in our best interests.


Living up to other’s expectations can cause more harm than good.

Growing Up

Life often forces us to grow up faster than we would like.


Speaking the truth can be more painful than living with silence

On your blog, discuss how “Sic Transit Gloria” conveys any of the above thematic statements and/or a thematic statement of your own.  How does this song relate to Melinda’s experiences in Speak?

If you need some more help with theme?  Check out this video.  It provides some other examples and explanations.

After working with this song, we will head to the Food Court and work in small groups to complete our Speak project proposal forms.  Even if you are working on your own project, you can get help from your team in completing your proposal.

Project proposals are due on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!  Projects are due NEXT FRIDAY!!!!

Humanities: Characterization in Songs & Film Trailers

Today in Humanities, we start with and working on To/Too/Two/Then/Than Assignment #3.  There will be a quiz on Friday.

From there, we will look at how songs and film trailers demonstrate the various methods of characterization we’ve been discussing (actions/reactions, thoughts/dialogue, direct description, affect on other characters) as well as the elements of cultural anthropology we’ve identified (values, beliefs, family, socioeconomics).

The film trailers and songs we are using can be accessed in two ways.  One is to look at the TKaM Project Example Google Doc here.  (This is the bigger list.)

The other is to check out this playlist from YouTube.

You will be completing this graphic organizer about characterization and cultural anthropology in film and song.

This organizer is due on Friday.

Reminder:  The screenshot analysis organizer is due Thursday along with Roots #12.

9 CPI: Macklemore & Tolerance

Today we turn in our Person of Significance essays.  Reminder that the rubric can be found here.

Then we’ll take a look at the song, “Same Love” by the rapper/producer duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Our activity will involve looking at the lyrics to “Same Love,” pulling lines that seem to speak to Macklemore’s overall message, and then pairing those lines with visuals that you pull from the internet.  You’ll be posting these findings to your blogs.

All of this leads us into our To Kill a Mockingbird unit that begins Friday and will involve the same project-based thinking you used earlier this year.

Humanities: Southern Man by Neil Young & TKaM

Neil Young’s “Southern Man” kicked off Friday’s lesson.

Actually, catching up on blogging started things off.  The expectation was to include two or three essential questions that were raised over the course of the week’s work.

Then we watched this.

After watching and listening, take a look at the lyrics:  “Southern Man” by Neil Young

Now, complete the top of the TKAM Film Excerpt 1 graphic organizer by finding key lines and words from the song.

For homework this weekend, complete the bottom part of the organizer that asks you to write a new verse for Neil Young’s song.

On Monday, we will complete the middle part of the organizer after doing an acting activity that should help us better understand character.  When it comes to understanding why people make the choices they make and develop the beliefs and values they hold, it is important to look at how we learn about those choices, beliefs and values, how we observe people.  And also, how we presents ourselves.