Humanities: Acting and Thinking

Thursday, October 26th, students showcased their understanding from Of Mice & Men by performing short skits and mock trials based on other films and stories, including The Lion King and Harry Potter.  Students had to peer critique one another using a feedback form created by Ms. Perkins & Ms. Clark, who also designed the experience.

We also took a quiz on Roots #1-4.  That was incredibly exciting.

Humanities: Conferencing & Thinking Continue

Tuesday, October 23rd was a chance to meet one-on-one with Mr. Ryder and Mr. Dunbar, as well as develop even more ideas to include in revised closing arguments.

After learning about yesterday, today folks had more time to explore it as well as Quizlet.  These are very cool places that can provide a lot of opportunity to customize exactly what and how one learns this particular material.

When not digging into one of those two sites, students were working with Ms. Perkins and Ms. Clark on a reading activity and completing a GIST.

And when not doing any of the above, students were having one-on-one conferences with Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder to talk over the first quarter and what the next week or so needs to look like for each individual.

Humanities: Self-Assessing the Closing Arguments

Friday, October 19th, the big deal of the day was the turning in of closing arguments for the OMaM unit.  

After a brief PrimeTime, Mr. Dunbar broke down exactly how to complete the self-assessment in Google forms.  Completing the self-assessment lets us see how well students understood the assignment, lets us get a snapshot of how well they  completed the task, saves time in the assessing process, and finally, and problem most importantly, requires students to look critically at their own work before turning it in.

That, plus conferences, made up the vast majority of the class.

Oh yeah, and we talked about the importance of not leaving the room/space before the bell rings at the end of the day.


Humanities: Workshopping Closing Arguments & Moving Around Morality

Thursday, October 18, was broken up quite a bit.

Work started with time to work on roots/vocab understanding using word castles and Quizlet.

From there, we discussed the importance of emailing both Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder, of sending original e-mails rather than replies to announcements, and giving your files names that include your own name for finding it.

We then broke into three groups, two writing discussion groups — led by the Ryder Dunbar Express Train to Better Writing — and a morality group that did an experience with Ms. Clark and Ms. Perkins.

We took advantage, once again, of the food court and the forum.  

1st submission drafts of the Closing Argument are due in class on Friday.

Humanities: Workshopping & Quizletting

After sharing with students how to use Quizlet and showing them the link to our vocab page, we ran a series of writing workshops in Humanities today.

Students could choose one-to-one, small group, or large group options.  After signing up, some students opted into different groupings which caused a couple of challenges in making the workshops go smoothly. (Many folks opted into one-to-one after initially choosing small group.)  As a result, some students didn’t get an opportunity for workshopping.  Hoping this can not be the case on Thursday when the next working draft is due.

No class Wednesday as there are PSATs and an early release.

Closing argument for Of Mice & Men due on Friday, Oct 19.