PACE: Pitching Power Pitches Begin

And that is what we did today.

And they were pretty sweet so far.  Remember, if you want to revise your pitch and/or your show bibles, you certainly may do so.  Learning always requires revision.

We rock more of these on Friday as well as self-assessments.

And from there?  I’ve got an idea.  Let’s talk.

PACE: Pitching Power Workshop Continues

We didn’t have a tremendous amount of time to work today, so we dove into a round robin of ideas.

We ended up hearing a bunch of brilliant notions from JT, Danielle, Sara & Matt.  We really dug into Danielle’s time traveling picture portal idea and left a pile of ideas about Matt’s bunker story on the table because the bell rang.  The projects seem like they have the potential to be really something special.

I also got a look at Brianna’s rap in draft form and Sarah & Miranda’s poetry/video which also hold piles and piles of promise.

To these ends, I’m extending the due date.  WHAt?!?  Yes.  There are ambitious ideas all around and I want to see them fully realized.  Wednesday is the new date.  Take advantage of this time.  If you wait until Tuesday night, the product won’t improve.

The rubric for the Pitching Power project is here.

Reminder that there are still many Macbeth Act Organizers still missing.  (Be certain to be logged in to your school e-mail account before clicking that link.)

PACE: Pitching Power Workshop.

Today we talked about the Pitching Power projects.

A lot.

They are due Monday.

Pitches should be no shorter than one minute and no longer than three.  Use whatever tools (note cards, visual aids) that will help convince the room you have a great idea.  Dress for contemporary, entertainment industry success.

Remember to get Macbeth organizers in and keep up with the blogging.

Here’s a video from Dan Pink that could help.