9 CPI: Work Those Interviews & Profiles

On Tuesday, we will start with Romeo & Juliet, the film version of the play directed by Baz Luhrman, the same cat who directed The Great Gatsby.  We will watch 10-15 minutes a day each class until we get to the end of the year.

Then we will do a quick activity to get us more familiar with your Flocabulary #2 words.  And I will introduce an optional project – Learning to Love You More — that some of you might want to make.

From there, it will be time to work, work, work.  Your profiles from your practice interviews with practicums are due.  I’m excited to see those.  Your interviews for your final product were supposed to be completed.

I’ll be conferencing with each of you, looking at the profiles you’ve made so far, giving you feedback, so you can make sure your final is spot on.

Final profiles due at next Monday, May 20th.  You will have Thursday, May 16 to work on them in class.


Flocabulary #2 – Quiz and exercises due May 20th

Final social network profiles – Due May 20th

Make up work & projects

Blog! Blog! Blog!  Last week of blogging will be the week of May 24th!

9 CPI: Social Networks, Interviews & More

Wednesday’s practicum student interviews went incredibly well.  Woot.  Now . . . next steps.

Take the information from the interviews and create profile pages for your social network.  I suggest using Pages or Comic Life to create a template for your social network.  On Pages, use the “text box” feature to create your layout.  Be certain to set them as floating and also to turn off the text wrapping function.   That way you can move them anywhere on the page.

After creating your template, create a profile page for each of your interview subjects.

Remember, as we are doing this work you are demonstrating your understanding of STEAL characterization techniques and the importance of adopting someone else’ point-of-view.  Get inside your interview subject’s head and create that profile page as though you were that person.

Between now and next class, you must interview three people you see often, but do not know.  These may be community members, school staff or faculty members, or students.  Use the interview form that Ms. Murphy developed.  You will be creating profile pages for these folks next class, so make sure you have that information ready to go.


Three interviews using the STEAL interview graphic organizer.  – Due next class

Social Network Profile Pages for Practicums – Due next Class (Choose one of your interview subjects)

Social Network Profile Pages for People You See Everyday- Due NEXT Thursday

Flocabulary #2: Shakespeare is Hip Hop – Due Monday 5/20

9 CPI: Social Network Mock Interviews, Characterization, Point of View

Today we continue working on our new social networks and doing the work necessary toward building profiles using our crazy strong knowledge of characterization, point of view and social media.

Everything starts with Flocabulary SAT #2: Shakespeare Is Hip-Hop.  There will be a quiz and exercises on this list due on Monday, May 20.  And remember, you can re-take #1 if you demonstrate/document some studying, some practicing.

From there, you will conduct some mock interviews courtesy Ms. Murphy and the colleagues she has lined up to help.  Follow her directions throughout this experience.  You will benefit from taking it seriously as this is giving you the practice you before doing your actual interviews.

You should use this STEAL graphic organizer to help you in the interview.  You need to turn it in at the end of class.

After conducting the mock interviews, start constructing a profile page for your social network using Pages or Google Drive.  Fill that profile page with the information from your interviewee.  Someone in each class offered to make a template for everyone to use.  Hopefully those templates are ready to go.  If not, create your own.

On Friday, we will spend more time with profiles and prepare for the work you need to do between Friday and next Tuesday.


9 CPI: Social Networks, Characterization, Point of View & More

Today we start designing a better social network and doing the pre-planning we need to do in order to create that network.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 10.32.02 AM

We’ll start by watching these three clips from The Social Network.  After watching each clip, identify what you can learn about the protagonist, Mark Zuckerberg as played by Jesse Eisenberg, and which characterization techniques (STEAL) the filmmaker uses to deliver that information about the character.  You might want to blog these understandings for quick reference.

After this, we will brainstorm all of the social media networks that we know.   You can find reminders, inspirations and piles of information here: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/55-interesting-social-media-infographics/

This leads to us working in small groups to design our ideal social network tools.    We will share these ideas and come up with common denominators a.k.a. the parts and pieces we can all agree should be part of our social network.

Now . . . all of this is leading toward the following work: interviews and profile building.

Here’s the one characteristic of our social network that will make it unique: users don’t create their own profiles; the network creates it for them.  What?!!?  Yes.  I’ll explain . . .

You will be interviewing people you see everyday, but do not know.  They can come from three categories: students, teachers/staff, community members.  For example, you might buy a soda from the same store at the same time everyday, but not know the name of that person behind the counter.  You might sit in a learning lab with a teacher you know nothing about.  You might eat lunch at a table next to a group of juniors you don’t know — and sit there every day.

You will be interviewing them and using that information you learn about them to create their profile for our new social network.  After you create the profile, you will meet with them again to see how well you did with your information and design work.

The point of it all? To use your STEAL knowledge and combine it with your P.O.V. knowledge to create profiles that you can feel confident accurately represent these people or “characters” you have just come to know because you have been able to adopt their points of view.

Some of the essential questions you may be answering: How do we get to know a person through social media?  What makes a social network successful and powerful?  What can we gain from better knowing the people around us?

On Wednesday, we will practice our interview skills as we know we need to go out into the world and do this for real.

This video should help us with that.


1. Prepare questions to ask the interview subjects about the various information your class chooses to have in its social network.  Check your e-mail for your class list of topics.

2. Tolerance Projects, Self-Assessments: PAST DUE! Get ’em in.

3. New Flocabulary list is coming on Monday.  Make sure you have done the work for Flocabulary list #1!!!!

4. Blog, blog, blog!  Remember, 3 per week.  Lots of topics available to you right now.  Use it to plan your interview, your network, talk about the power of the internet, etc.

Humanities: Point of View, TED Talks, and Little Brother 4

Hi folks,

Mr. Ryder and Mr. Dunbar are out this afternoon and you are all recovering from a week of Harajuku Fun Madness.

Today in class you have a few different tasks to complete.

The first is the Flocabulary #1 quiz.  It is in your e-mail.  Thank you for being honorable when you take the quiz.  That’s why we love you, folks.  You are good people.

After taking the quiz, watch the video at this link.  Notice how Adam Mordecai , a blogger at Upworthy, added little time code notes for the readers of his blog.  That’s important for the next step in your day.  Make sure you check out his notes though HERE.

After watching that video, take a look at this collection of TED Talks that Mr. Dunbar pulled together. After watching one of them all the way through, create your own time stamp notes a’la Adam Mordecai.  You should have at least 7 time stamp notes, and three of them should connect to Little Brother in some way.  Post a link to the video on your blog as well as your time stamp notes.

And finally, Little Brother Organizer #4 is available.  You will need to watch this video on Point of View to help you out.



Complete all of the above

Read Little Brother

Work on Little Brother organizers  (All are due by May 17)


9 CPI: Week of 4/30 and 5/2; Characterization

Well folks, things have been going well in class but not well on Flight 307.  I typically post our thinking and work during your PrimeTime, but the last few classes we’ve run into internet troubles.

Here’s a recap of the work we’ve been doing this week.

We’ve moved from a focus on point-of-view to a focus on characterization, while still remember that we need to access that point of view information.

On Tuesday, we were introduced to the concept of STEAL by Ms. Murphy.



Effect on Others



Those are the indirect ways that an author creates a character.  It is also the ways in which we learn about people around us.  Those are the tools we use to evaluate the people around us, to make judgements about them, to make choices about engaging them as friends or avoiding them altogether.

Here’s a slideshare to help you remember them all.

On Thursday, we will be working with this same characterization info, we will be taking that quiz, and we will be looking ahead at our future up to the end of the year.

The only homework was to study for the Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformation quiz on Thursday, complete the exercises there on the Flocabulary website (print and complete) and make sure you’ve got your tolerance project in and self-assessed.  (That last part was due last week so this shouldn’t feel that overwhelming IF you’ve been on top of it.)

We used clips from Mean Girls to help us see this work in action and then lines of dialogue and narration from Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird amongst others.

9 CPI: Point of View, Tolerance Projects & Flocabulary

We’ll start Friday’s class with our new version of PrimeTime.  Scour the internet for a few moments, find an article about a topic of interest to you, post a link to the article on your blog and then make our three text connections:

  1. Text to Text
  2. Text to Self
  3. Text to World

After PrimeTime, we will take a look at Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformations as well as the Quizlet flashcards for that same set of words.  We’ll do a little quick review of the words and then come back to them a few minutes later.

We will quickly review point-of-view: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, as well as the concepts of objective, limited, and omniscient points of view.

Then we are going to examine an article from Ms. Murphy about the power of Twitter to cause both great things and terrible things in the world.  Just last week the stock market plunged because of a fake tweet.  That’s scary.

Where do we go from there?  We’ll fuse all of this together.  Using this cool fake Twitter tool, we’ll create fake tweets using Twister about the article using words from Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformation.  WHAT?!?!  Yes.  That will happen.

And then we will share tolerance projects.


Tolerance Projects – Due TODAY

Complete the tolerance project self assessment.  (Ignore the characterization  and cultural anthropology sections.  Those were for a difference class.) Due Tuesday

Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformation – Exercises & Quiz Due on Thursday!  (This is a big challenge!)

Blog.  Blog. Blog.

9 CPI: Point of View & Boston

Today in class we start by looking at Flocabulary.  We are working on SAT #1: Transformation.  Take a few minutes to explore the tools available to you to study.  And remember that there is a quiz and exercises due next Thursday

Then we will watch the video I posted on the blog yesterday.   It’s incredibly powerful. You will blog your reactions to the video — I’m very curious to hear what you have to say about it.  (I think you know what I’d say.)

After lunch we will break into two groups.  One group will start looking at point of view,  the other will look at point of view/characterization/symbolism all together.

We will explore them by looking at these videos related to the Boston bombings.

Video #1: Fox News Discusses Connection Between Bombings and Gun Control 

Video #2: CBS News Provides an Update on the Manhunt


Tolerance Projects – DUE FRIDAY!

Flocabulary #1: Quiz and Word Castles/Exercises Due NEXT Thursday!

9 CPI: Back from Break

Welcome back, everyone.

There’s a lot to talk about as we get back on track here.  We’ll start with getting our routine back in order . . .

1) PrimeTime: Let’s do some searching for things online that interest us.  Some topics and readings that speak to us.  Make us want to read more.  Learn more.  I’d like to move PrimeTime into a time for that.  And a time for sharing those things.  Connecting us.

On your blog, post a link to the article and then make your three text connections: text to text, text to self, and text to world.  For more info on those connections, you can look here.

2) Vocab: Flocabulary #1.  I’m excited about our new vocab program we are going to use for the rest of the year.  You can find it here at Flocabulary.   The list we’ll work with is SAT #1: Transformation.    All of the log in info is in your inbox. I’m hoping you folks get as excited about it as I do.  We’ll take a pre-test and try out the first round.

3) MUGS: Let’s see if we can get some complete sentence work going again today.  I’ve got an activity to build off of what we did before break.  I’m hoping it works out well.

4) Point of View/Symbolism/Characterization:  We have some work we need to get started around these concepts. I’m going to share each of them with you folks and you are going to choose which path we take first.  We need to grapple with all three.  Let’s see if there’s an interesting and meaningful way for us to do this.

Of Mice and Men . . . I’ll explain in class.  It’s complicated and in light of recent events I think it’s important to give people some choices.


Tolerance Projects – DUE FRIDAY! 4/26

Flocabulary #1 Quiz – Next Thursday! May 2

Flocabulary #1 Graphic Organizers/Word Castles – Next Thursday! May 2

Blogs!  Keep up!  3X per week.  Today you should have a post to an article and three text connections!