Humanities: The End (of the Year) is Nigh

Monday we talked about the power of anonymity and how it works on The Daily Bulldog, Tuesday we learned about the power of persistence and integrated thinking from Steve Milligan of Phenix New Media and the Maine Arts Commission, and Wednesday we learned about what the rest of the year has in store.

Today?  Pre-write and write.  Working draft of a 5 paragraph essay due on Thursday.   The topics were sent to you in an email on Monday.  Here they are again:

Option 1: Discuss a place of significance in your life and the reasons why that place holds such significance for you.
Things to think about as your plan and write your essay:
What makes it so important?  What is that place like?  Was it a single moment that makes it so special or is it a place you return to often?  Is it a geographical location (a river, a pond, a mountain) or is it more everyday (your bedroom, your uncle’s garage)?  How can you help your reader see it but more importantly understand your point of view, help your reader see that place from your perspective?
Option 2: Discuss a secret of significance in your life, what you have kept secret and how that secret has had an impact on you.
Things to think about as you plan and write your essay:
Why did you choose to keep this secret?  Has the secret leaked at all?  Have you felt “branded” by the secret in some way?   What is it like to reveal the secret if only to Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder?  What would happen if you let the secret out?  Where does the power of secrets come from?  What happens to Marcus when his secrets are revealed?
Thanks to Brooke for that 2nd option — it’s a great idea.
The rubric will be exactly the same as it was for the Person of Significance essay.
You need to use one or more pre-writing strategies which may be using graphic organizers to plan, creating webs, creating outlines, doing some free writing, making lists, drawing cartoons, doing some visual thinking.

Calendar for End of the Year in Humanities 2013 (also on Google Drive here)



(This is what we’re doing in class and/or what is due ON that day)


Steve Milligan – Power of Coding, 3D Design, etc. Presentation


Little Brother — Up to Chapter 10, Some Essay Work


Little Brother — Up to Chapter 11, Working Draft of Essay Due


Little Brother — Up to Chapter 12, Writer’s Workshop


Little Brother — Up to Chapter 14, Essays Due, Intro. Learning to Love You More (LTLYM)


Little Brother — Up to Chapter 15, Work on LTLYM


Little Brother — Up to 16, Work on LTLYM


Little Brother — Up to 17, Work on LTLYM


Little Brother — Up to 18, Work on LTLYM


Little Brother — up to 21, Work on LTLYM, Wrap up LB stuff, LTLYM










Memorial Day – No School.






LTLYM Installation (Food Court?)


Senior Assembly Day — Short Class — Flex Day — Assign Parts of the Final?


Romeo & Juliet


Romeo & Juliet


Romeo & Juliet


**ALL WORK (EXCEPT FOR FINAL) DUE.**, Romeo & Juliet


Last Day with Laptops (turn ‘em in today) — think about what parts of the final you need to complete before turning in your laptop.


Work on Final


Part 1 of in-class Final


Part 2 of in-class Final

PACE: Steve Milligan

Tuesday we spent visiting with Steve Milligan of Phenix New Media and the Maine Arts Commission.  He  shared  the work he creates and the pathways and thinking he used in order to get there.  (He talked about the importance of geometry! Something he hated and didn’t think he’d ever need when he was in high school!)

The MLTI Student Conference is happening on Thursday, May 16th. We leave at 6:15 a.m. and return at 5 p.m.  Get blue slips going.  Permission and photo release forms from the conference are coming your way shortly.

For Thursday, make sure you have a working draft of your analytical 5 paragraph essay where you self-assess either your I Am Hero project OR your Pitch to Product project.



AP Lit: The Last Moments of Test Prep, Watchmen & Steve Milligan

Tuesday, Steve Milligan from Phenix New Media and the Maine Arts Commission came to class to talk about the various work he does in digital media and the pathways he followed to get there.  

We also discussed the test and the importance of remaining calm and focused before the test.  Cramming isn’t likely to help.  Refreshing on the three novels you want to have in mind for the open ended prompt will.  Looking over some multiple choice questions in the test prep materials available on the Google Drive will help.

And meeting at 7 a.m. at Java Joe’s for a team breakfast on Thursday morning will help too.  Woot!

Everyone should finish reading Watchmen for next Monday so we can discuss the book as a whole and get super serious about our plans for the installation on May 30th.  (Don’t worry; It will include cookies and/or cupcakes.)

Finally, you received your feedback on your synthesis essays.  You have until May 31st to revise these and get them in to me.  Do as many drafts as you like between now and then.  I will make it a priority to get them back to you so you can revise more than once.  I’m also more than happy to conference with you.  Just set it up with me.