AP Lit: More On Demand Test Prep, Talking Hamlet & Infographics

We will start Wednesday’s class with another On-Demand, this one, too, focused on poetry but with another challenge.  You will have thirty minutes from the start of class.

We will talk about the challenges this particular sort of prompt holds.  And then we will talk Hamlet, Act IV.  And what we think would be a good way to showcase our knowledge of the play.  (Or perhaps our creative assignments have accomplished that task?)

Next Friday, indie book projects/Playing for Change projects are due.

A working draft of Synthesis #3 is due in class, the 1st Tuesday of 4th Quarter.  We will be workshopping it.

Creative Assignment of the Week:

Create an infographic based on what you have read of Hamlet so far.  There are so very many possible solutions to this challenge.  Will you go with data?  Will you do a conceptual break down?  Will you look at a character?  Will you look at the play as a whole?

Want to see a bunch of infographic examples?  Look here.  Or take a look here.

Ready to start building?

10 Tools Aimed at Education That You Might Use to Make Your Infographic

20 Cool Tools You Might Use to Make Your Infographic

AP Lit: Big Brewings Dallowinian Style

Today we further prepared for our Dallowinian party next week.  The success of this whole endeavor rests on how well the characters and the interconnected relationships are communicated over the next week.  Folks should be reading one another’s blogs and reading, checking against their own work, and then discussing ways to make it all fit.

Most of today, however, was devoted to the second synthesis essay and completing a speed-dating style writer’s workshop around it.  It seemed to be quite effective with only five minutes per pairing to read, comment, and discuss.  To make it manageable, at each rotation, the focus shifted to the next paragraph in the essay.  During the debriefing of the experience, folks seemed to enjoy it and even said things like, “I felt like I really got a chance to talk about my essay” and “I got a lot of really great ideas” and “Mr. Ryder is exceptional as a human being.”

The first submission draft of the second synthesis essay is due Thursday.  That should clear the calendar to prepare all weekend for the party on Monday.  And lest the casual reader think this is just a little “post-reading pre-vacation gathering” — get yourselves to the Food Court at MBC on December 17th and be prepared to be amazed.