9 CPI: Final Readings Posted

For the final, you will want to have read these selections prior to coming.

This little packet (posted on the Google Drive) includes:

* Two pages from Romeo & Juliet from Act 2, scene 2 a.k.a. The Balcony Scene

* Two pages from To Kill a Mockingbird where Scout and Atticus are sitting on the porch after Scout has had a rough day at school

* Three pages from Of Mice & Men where Lennie is talking to Crooks, the African-American stable buck (tends the horses and gear)

* An article from Wired magazine about people making their own apps to solve interesting problems

* An article from Wired magazine about Pinterest and social media and the sorts of things that gain popularity on social media

Make sure you bring the packet with you to the final.

At the final you will write three DEJs, one on theme, one on characterization, and one on point of view.

You will also do a set of text connections (text to text, text to world, text to self)

And then we will have a graded class discussion.

BRING your five paragraph essay about what you have learned about yourself, others, and English this year to the final.  You will probably not have time to write that in class.  (It should have a hook intro and a solid thesis, strong details in the three body paragraphs, and a “so what?” conclusion

9 CPI: Point of View, Tolerance Projects & Flocabulary

We’ll start Friday’s class with our new version of PrimeTime.  Scour the internet for a few moments, find an article about a topic of interest to you, post a link to the article on your blog and then make our three text connections:

  1. Text to Text
  2. Text to Self
  3. Text to World

After PrimeTime, we will take a look at Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformations as well as the Quizlet flashcards for that same set of words.  We’ll do a little quick review of the words and then come back to them a few minutes later.

We will quickly review point-of-view: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, as well as the concepts of objective, limited, and omniscient points of view.

Then we are going to examine an article from Ms. Murphy about the power of Twitter to cause both great things and terrible things in the world.  Just last week the stock market plunged because of a fake tweet.  That’s scary.

Where do we go from there?  We’ll fuse all of this together.  Using this cool fake Twitter tool, we’ll create fake tweets using Twister about the article using words from Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformation.  WHAT?!?!  Yes.  That will happen.

And then we will share tolerance projects.


Tolerance Projects – Due TODAY

Complete the tolerance project self assessment.  (Ignore the characterization  and cultural anthropology sections.  Those were for a difference class.) Due Tuesday

Flocabulary SAT #1: Transformation – Exercises & Quiz Due on Thursday!  (This is a big challenge!)

Blog.  Blog. Blog.

9 CPI: Early Release, To Kill a Mockingbird & Make Up Work

Today’s class was focused almost exclusively on To Kill a Mockingbird, the film.  The clip we watched is available on your school Google Drive.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 12.02.08 AMAfter watching, folks were expected to make three text connections to the film excerpt.  (Text to self, text to text and text to world, naturally.)

Remember to blog at least three times this week as well as complete the creative challenge for the week revolving around pre-thinking for the tolerance project.  It is described in the post from Monday.

On Friday we will be watching more of the film and talking about the project on tap.

On another note . .

I love it when my students are passing the class.  It isn’t an easy feat to accomplish.  I assign a rigorous work load, there are usually many things happening at once, and the thinking tends to be different from what students are most familiar.  Looking at passing grades, especially those that meet and those that exceed the standards?  Seriously, it feels fantastic.

There is quite a bit of make up work that could be completed and better ensure that I get all those super warm fuzzies at the end of the quarter. Remember that you no longer have to complete Word Castles unless you prefer them to inventing your own Roots Word Product.  That product could be anything from a poem to a short story to a slideshow to a podcast to a song to a model to . . . really . . anything that demonstrates an understanding of the roots and their meanings that goes beyond just copying it down.

A number of folks did not complete the Three 4 Thinking form after looking at the pre-writing slideshow or the hook introduction video.  These are both reading assessments and should be completed ASAP.

Remember also that you can retake any Roots or MUGS quiz.  All you need to do is demonstrate practice and studying.

9 CPI: To Kill a Mockingbird, Clint Smith’s “Aristotle,” and More

Today we start with two quizzes, one over Roots 6 – 10 and one over comma splices on No Red Ink.  We will be skipping PrimeTime today in favor of the opportunity to watch Clint Smith’s “Aristotle.

After blogging about “Aristotle,” we will then watch a small chunk of To Kill a Mockingbird.  

Then you will make three text connections using the system described on this blog post from the Humanities class.  It’s the same type of thinking.

Homework: Get caught up on the blogs, get your essay revisions and essay revision forms in to me.  There is a lot coming at you in the next several weeks.