PACE: Macbeth Continues & Poetic Term Tutorial Reminders

Today we start things off with a QUACK quiz (#1 for those counting at home) before discussing the Pitching Power project, how it connects to the other disciplines, and reading/reviewing Macbeth.

We will look at Acts III into IV today.

We are a little off from our original calendar and want to catch up.  My goal is to get us through the play so we can spend time looking at interpretations of it next week.

Tonight?  Act IV. Read It.  Complete a Macbeth Act graphic organizer — combine Acts III and IV on it.  This should be here Thursday as well.

Need help with the poetic terms?  Ms. Clark posted the following tutorials on the blog way back in December.

Poetic Terms: Repetition

Poetic Terms: Diction

Poetic Terms: Figurative Language

Thursday, I want to make sure we understand those terms to the best of our ability and read as much of the end of the play as possible.  We’ll have some time Monday if we need it to finish Act V.  It’s really important to me that you have a solid understanding of those terms as they appear in the play.