Powerful Ideas: Design Thinking w/ David Kelley

David Kelley Talk’s Design Thinking on 60 Min.
David Kelley shows us how design thinking transform not just businesses but the entire world around us. This is really fascinating stuff. How might we apply his thinking to our classrooms? To our teams? To our activities? To Mt. Blue Campus?

Thanks to Mrs. Sheldon for pointing this out.

Humanities: Whole New Mind Update

The awesome thing about planning way ahead?  You don’t have to think so much each day about the lesson plan because you already have it ready to go.  The unawesome thing?  It becomes really easy to forget about blogging just what is happening.

In the past week, we have explored Design, Story, Symphony and embark upon Empathy on Wednesday and Thursday.

During this time, we’ve looked at ways to apply principles of design (CRAPify, function/form), how to use the power of story (StoryCorps, 6 Word Memoirs), and how symphony is about much more than music (Improv Everywhere).  At this point, everyone should have submitted three graphic organizers having read three sections of their choice.  Those graphic organizers (Three 4 Thinking, GIST, and Text Reflection) are all available on the Google Drive in the Humanities folder.

This work will help you understand the project, will provide you with ideas and information, IF you do the work along with the calendar.  If you get far behind, it will become busy work and will become much more difficult to complete.

We’ve also talked a lot about the project.  From our conferencing and checking, it seems most everyone understands the project.  If you are still unclear, please talk with us.  We will continue to check AND advocate!  Ask for help!  There are four of us in the room often right now!  Great opportunity to check in!

The rubric for the project is linked right here.