9 CPI: Three 4 Thinking Example – Prewriting Slideshare

Last Friday, we tackled pre-writing strategies in class.  That will happen again on Wednesday (1/23).  One of the homework assignments was to complete a Three 4 Thinking form using the Slideshare posted below.

Here’s an example of the Three 4 Thinking we made in class on Friday.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 7.50.07 AM

9 CPI: Person of Significance Essay

The week of January 21st, we are diving headlong into the essay we put off as we put a wrap on the first project-based learning projects.

I think we saw all different ranges of success on those projects.  We’ll be coming back to that style of learning before the year ends.  I think it will be helpful for you to see how I design a project so you can best design your own.

For now, we are thinking about people of significance, an idea I got from Mr. Tierney.  You will write your first five-paragraph essay about either a) a person who has influenced/impacted you in three important ways or b) three people who have each had an important influence/impact upon you.

The rubric will be shared in class.  It can be found here.

Tuesday will be about pre-writing, introductions and thesis statements.  Thursday will be all about making sure those intros and thesis statements are awesome.  We’ll be turning in drafts by NEXT Friday, Feb 1st!